Who are we?

SETU! An trid sevenadurel e skol-veur Breizh Izel is a new association promoting breton culture in the Western Brittany University of Brest!

SETU was created in October 2015 by students from the Brest university. The association was founded because of a simple realization: before that, the breton culture was not lively enough in the UBO, even though it is one of the main universities in Brittany.

The aim of the association is therefore to bring back the breton culture, and also the celtic culture, in the UBO! Before anything else, SETU is a student project, an independant structure, a cultural association and a group project aiming at organizing young and dynamic events throughout the year on the Brest campus.

The breton culture is coming to the UBO!

The breton culture is very rich: language, music, dancing, singing, sports, games, literature, food, arts, history... It therefore deserves to belong actively to a breton university!

SETU plans to organize regular events that will happen every year and that will come to be essential events for Brest students, like the « Fest-Noz an UBO » whose first edition in January was a big success; but also a Saint Patrick Festival dedicated to Irish culture in March, and the « Fest-Noz #SETU » in October!

As of today, there are around twenty members in the association, and it’s still growing!
If you are a student and if you like breton culture: join the team!

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